Naturopathy draws upon a variety of modalities, combined to fit the needs of the individual patient.


Homeopathic remedies treat the whole person versus the symptoms by following the concept that like cures like.

LENS Neurofeedback
LENS is a specific kind of Neurofeedback that operates much more rapidly that traditional Neurofeedback.
IV Therapies

Safely delivers vitamins directly into the bloodstream through the veins. By bypassing the digestive tract, IV nutrient therapy allows nutrients enter the body in doses large enough to be therapeutic.


Bemer treatments improve circulation in the microvessels to improve the flow of blood to cells and the flow of lymphatic fluid away from cells.

Lifestyle counseling

Learn how to optimize your sleep and digestion and how these processes are influenced by the activities that occur prior and during.

By limiting exposure to toxins while being nourished with organic, unprocessed foods and restorative practices, your body, mind, and spirit will be rejuvenated.
Mind-Body Medicine

Learn to harness the power of thoughts and emotions to positively influence physical health.


Bulk herbs and herbal tinctures are powerful aids to restoring a dynamic homeostasis and health to the body, mind, and spirit.

Ozone Therapies

Are used to improve the body’s intake and use of oxygen, which helps activate the immune system and healing.

Weight Loss

Genetic testing, food allergy testing, HCG, detoxification, meal planning, vitamin injections, and other therapies

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

(BHRT) uses plant-derived hormones that are chemically identical to those produced in the body to help address symptoms related to imbalances

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